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Mounting gasket

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1,Gasket and flange sealing surfaces should be clean, without any impact on the performance of joint seals scratches, spots and other defects.   

2,The outer diameter of the gasket to be smaller than the outer sealing surface of the flange, the inner diameter of the gasket should be slightly larger than the pipe diameter, the inner diameter difference between the two generally take two times the thickness of the gasket in order to ensure that after compression, the inner edge of the gasket will not be inserted into the container or pipe, to avoid affecting the fluid in the container or pipe flow.   

3,Gasket preload should not exceed the design requirements, in order to avoid excessive compression gasket lose resilience. 

4,When pressed gasket is best to use a torque wrench. Large bolts and bolt, preferably using a hydraulic tightening device. Tightening torque should be based on a given compression gasket by calculation, the oil pressure of the hydraulic tensioner size should be determined by calculation.   

5,When installing the gasket, the order should tighten the nut. Primary winding but not the design value is reached. Usually at least 2 to 3 times the cycle, so as to seal the gasket stress distribution.   

6,Flammable, explosive media pressure vessels and piping, gaskets facelift security tools should be used, so as to avoid the tool flange or bolt collide, sparks, causing a fire or explosion.   

7,Pipeline leak if you must replace or adjust antihypertensive treatment after installing gaskets, non-pressure operation.

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