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Gasket Selection

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Any type of gasket use in harsh environments, to ensure an effective seal a long time, you must have the following eight important features:

Airtight gasket:

Sealing systems for medium, gasket leaks do not occur within the recommended temperature and pressure of work a certain time.

Compressible gasket

Contact surface of the gasket and flange bolts in the connection should fit well in order to ensure the seal.

The creep resistance of the spacer

Under the influence of the spacer pressure load and temperature, the better creep resistance should otherwise result in return loss of bolt torque, resulting in reduced surface stress of the gasket, the gas system leaks to hard.

Chemical resistant gasket

The gasket should be chosen from corrosion chemical media, and the media is not contaminated. Resilient gasket system is stable even under the condition of the two connecting flanges due to the influence of temperature and pressure is sure there is a slight displacement of the spring function of the gasket should be able to compensate for this displacement, in order to ensure tightness of the system.

Anti-bonding pads of

The spacer can easily be dismantled from the flange after use, non-corrosive adhesive pads not respond gasket surface of the connecting flange noncorrosive.

Temperature resistant gasket

The gasket should be chosen to ensure the normal use at the lowest temperature and the highest temperature of the system.

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